bulk fuel & oil filtration

Next Generation Preventive Maintenance

Dangers of Contamination

Every time fuels & oils are transferred from one tank to another, it not only transfers the fuel & oil but also the contaminants present.

Clean Diesel

In engines where precision is everything, you can’t risk the damage done by high-velocity microscopic contaminants.

Ultra High Efficiency Filtration

We offer Ultra High Efficiency Filters that fit on our innovative square tube manifolds & filter heads to accept high flow rates and extend service life. 

Bulk Fuel Filtration

We have partnered with Donaldson for the highest quality filtration products on the market to help eliminate unexpected downtime.

Enhanced Cleanliness – Optimum Performance

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Unlike our competitors, our top priority is for our engineers to physically visit customer sites instead of suggesting filtration solutions via email.

Once our filtration solution is approved and shipped, we provide guidance during the installation followed by site visits for commissioning of the installation.

Follow up visits are conducted to monitor and maintain the efficiency of the filtration solution.